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태용, 안녕..

HI, Taeyong-a –nice to meet you, aniespur imnida and you can call me noona ^^ Honestly, I’m so glad when see you and other members finally can debut as NCT. Finally….^^ I know you’re have work hard during trainee, before you can standup in a stage as NCT now. I feel proud and really really happy when see your 1st teaser debut, finally ^^ – even when you have little part rapp in “Be Natural” MV – I feel that you’re so great rapper. And I believe that you will be something in the future.

Taeyong-ah, I know about your past, about your black past story – but, I think that everyone in the world surely have a black story in the past, right? – we are human and you are human too. So, made some mistakes in the past – it’s so normal and natural. I don’t understand – why peoples keep talking about your past, it’s the past and I think isn’t important again, now and future, that’s more important than past. When I see that you’re have regret even you said sorry about your past – I feel so proud , you’re have grown Taeyong-ah. Even you always overprotective to your dongsaengdeul, so they’re not making mistakes like you before.

I don’t understand, why peoples keep say something bad about you. I don’t understand. But, I believe that peoples can be  change, change to be better person. So, keep strong Taeyong-ah – keep your smile, and please always stay with us. I don’t wanna see your sad face ㅠ.ㅠ I just wanna see your smile, your smirk and your funny act also your aegyo. Taeyong-ah, don’t hear everything what people said about you – because, although many people who hate you, but you must know that many people too who love, like and support you no matter what.

Taeyong-ah, fighting^^ or in bahasa, I always say “Semangat”. Taeyong-ah, 사랑해 ❤ Aku Mencintaimu ❤ And don’t forget, NCT must be come to Indonesia in the future – okay? 약속? Promise? 사랑해… and don’t forget to keep your smile – because your smile is so important for us and for me. 안녕~ Bye~~ 바이~~

사랑해요 ❤
I Love You ❤
Aku mencintaimu ❤


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