oohsehun’ updates

24 Maret 2016.


Caption : #nikeairmaxday

25 Maret 2016.


EngTrans Caption :
Glory Day, Actor Kim Junmyeon Fighting

Cieeee, akhirnya maknae kesayangan sekaligus Soulmate-nya Suho, nonton Glory Day juga. Pasti papah Suho seneng banget tuh pas tau kkk. Tapi, kapan kamu pulang Sehuna?  Betah banget diem di sana 😥 Sehun gak macem-macem kan disana??

Bytheway, Nonton bioskop dini hari? Tidakkah itu romantis? Dan ohmygod, Sehun nontonnya sama Manager oppa kan? Bukan sama gadis lain kan? – abisnya, aku liat minuman lain disamping bangku Sehun, minuman milik siapakah itu? Terus yang motoin Sehun juga, manager oppa kan? Atau noona stylists?

But, thanks for your support maknae^^ i know you’re really busy now, with your taking film and etc. But, I’m so glad that you have time to refreshing – watching film and finally updates your SNS^^ hehe l love your smile, and honestly I’m envy with a ticket – i want taking picture with you too. 😥 it’s so lucky 😦 By the way, Sehunaaa, please don’t forget to take a rest and i love you ~~~ [Ohmygod, I’m not too Cheesy, right??? ] hahahaha


Tertanda Istrinya Sehun


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